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Cedar Decks

If you have a cedar deck, you should make sure that the deck legs are not sitting on dirt or exposed ground. A new deck should never be installed with such either. Doing so will cause excess rot and decay of your deck's support system, making it dangerous to use and enjoy. All deck legs should have footings that are above grade (ground level). Here are some steps to fixing the deck yourself.

1. Raise the deck back to level using jacks under the legs.

2. Cut the rotten portion off of the bottom of the deck leg.

3. Clean the top of the original footing.

4. Attach a new metal bracket and anchor bolt to the bottom of the leg.

5. Make a frame around the footing that is tall enough to touch the metal base of the leg.

6. Fill the frame with cement.

7. Wait 3 days before removing the jacks to allow time for the cement to properly set.

Before & After

If you are uncomfortable with making these types of repairs or do not have the proper tools to ensure your deck's safety, please contact Phix-It-Phil.

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